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Project Portfolio

Pilot plant - Sweden 1 000 tpa capacity (in development)

Solid sorbent technology

DAC is a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technology that concentrates CO2 found in the ambient air rather than a large point source, thereby addressing both current and legacy emissions. In sorbent-based DAC systems, solid sorbent filters chemically bind with CO2. Heat applied to the filters in a vacuum then causes the release of concentrated CO2, which is captured for storage or use.

Low-grade waste heat as primary energy source

Aerbon DAC harnesses low-grade waste heat to power the DAC process. Aerbon can use 80% of the total energy demand from waste heat and the remainder comes from electricity. 

Feedstock to industrial processes and carbon offsets

The captured CO2 is planned to be sold both as a feedstock into industrial processes and to be sequestered in the sea bed and sold as carbon offsets. 

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